Data Audit Industries (DAI) stands behind its weigh scale systems and guarantees that its equipment provides accurate weights. If you as a Customer receive a fine from a Provincial or State Authority after properly using a DAI Scale which showed your weight was legal, DAI will immediately check the scale. If DAI's scale is in error resulting in the overweight, DAI will reimburse you for the fine. If DAI's scale is accurate, DAI will provide written confirmation and certification that the DAI scale is accurate for use by the Customer.

Guarantee limited to cash/credit card users of scale. For guarantee of DAI charge account users, please refer to Weigh Scale Agreement. Guarantee does not apply to fluid loads weighed on axle scales, but does apply to fluid loads where tractor trailer unit is weighed as an entire unit. Guarantee is subject to Customer complying with rules respecting overweight's and proper use of Scale.

DAI only guarantees weights for DAI charge account users at Scale Link sites. Guarantee not valid for cash or credit card users at Scale Link sites.

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